Building My Dream Bed

I made my bed. It has sides which go all the way to the floor, and a sealed panel under the mattress. The panel lifted the mattress up with the help of two gas springs. Underneath, I have dust-free, long term storage for camping equipment and extra sheets.

The head board floated above the mattress, and didn’t touch the mattress. This way, nothing could get trapped between the mattress and the bed itself.

I used reclaimed Douglas fir from an old warehouse built in the 1930s. The bed disassembled fully using M10 bolts and sturdy angle iron brackets. All hardware mounted inside, using threaded brass inserts, so no external hardware showed.

Finally, I had what I wanted: a dust free, clutter free bed with storage. Also I put some lights behind the headboard that looked nice.

Unfortunately, I took no photos during the construction, but here is the result: